Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dan Pickett Elected President of Railroad Signalman
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — July 16, 2014 — More than 250 delegates to the Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen’s 51st Regular Convention re-elected, by acclamation, W. Dan Pickett to lead the Signalmen’s union for the next four years. Pickett assumed the presidency of the BRS in 1992 after serving as the organization’s Southeast Region Vice President.
The delegates also re-elected, by acclamation, Jerry C. Boles to the position of Secretary-Treasurer. He was elected to and held the office of Vice President Headquarters from June 29, 2001, until he was elected to the position of Secretary-Treasurer on October 10, 2011, fulfilling the unexpired term vacated by Walter Barrows, who left when he was appointed as Labor Member on the Railroad Retirement Board.
The following are the results of the elections for the other BRS national offices conducted during the convention:
Kelly Haley was re-elected Vice President Headquarters by acclamation.
John D. Bragg was re-elected Vice President NRAB by acclamation.
Mark Ciurej was re-elected Vice President West by acclamation.
Dennis Boston was re-elected Vice President Commuter, Passenger, Transit/Political Director by acclamation.
Floyd Mason was re-elected Vice President East by acclamation.
Joe Mattingly was re-elected Vice President Midwest by acclamation.
In addition, Mike Owens, Gus Demott, and Bill Duncan were re-elected by acclamation to the Grand Board of Trustees.
President Pickett stated, “I am extremely pleased that the Grand Board of Trustees and the Grand Executive Council were elected by acclamation. That is in itself a strong message from our members that they are generally satisfied with the current leadership and the direction of the BRS. I’m proud to lead this organization for another four years.”

Saturday, July 12, 2014

On Thursday, July 3, 2014, Walt Barrows, Labor Member of the Railroad Retirement Board, presented a briefing to certain Rail Labor Representatives. Here is a summary of the Long Island Railroad Disability scandal. (Click here to read more.)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We just added phone numbers to the secure site contacts list. 
We added a link to the On-The-Job Injury report that explains how to fill it out properly.
We added a link to the Medical Release Form on how to fill it out to protect your rights.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Please keep retired brother Steve Workman in your thoughts and prayers as his son, George, was a passenger in a car wreck and has passed away. If you would like to send Steve a card, please address them to P.O. Box 86 Benton, IL 62812.